Campfire Provisions

This photo might seem odd. Many might wonder why I'm smoking, what I'm thinking and how does this fit my brand and personality. 

I'll explain. First off, this IS NOT MARIJUANA It's CBD. CBD DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH and I'm not endorsing smoking pot. What I am endorsing is an alternative to that. I'm sharing a product that I enjoy using because it relaxes me, it takes away inflammation in my sore knees and I feel much calmer after I use it.

I've helped many STOP SMOKING WEED by suggesting this because it smells like weed, but it isn't. All I'm trying to say is don't judge me if you are confused just ask questions, investigate and inform yourself first.

If you already know then I'm saying give Campfire a try, you'll love it like I do. When you order you'll get the COA's and all of the breakdown of the product.

Send me a message if you have any further questions.